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About Andalusia Egypt

Setting the health and well-being of the patients as a primary goal, we strive for constant development through the utilization of the latest technology. We also try to blend our global healthcare expertise with the authentic Arabian spirit of the Middle East.

عيادة جراحات المخ والأعصابعيادة جراحات القلب والصدرعيادة جراحة المسالك البولية

Neurosurgery Clinic

The neurosurgery clinic at Andalusia comprises a group of highly experienced physicians and experts in this critical field. Providing the utmost patient care, our experts apply the latest research findings, in addition to using state-of-the-art equipment and surgical techniques.

Cardiothoracic surgery

The clinic presents a group of services, provided by the best physicians in the Middle East, for patients requiring surgical treatment of respiratory system or heart diseases.

Urinary Tract Surgery Clinic

The Urinary Tract Surgery Clinic at Andalusia comprises highly skilled doctors who are experienced in delivering the best medical care to all patients, according to the latest developments in the field of renal and urinary bladder surgeries.

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